Eternal Flame Ministry Services

Eternal Flame Ministry Services

Eternal Flame Ministry Services are all encompassing:

  • Eternal Flame MInistry Services with Sandy Breuss, offer spiritual counseling challenging you to be all you can be.
  • With her unique down to earth language and delivery Sandy can help you see your current life challenge in another more positive way with compassion and great humor.
  • Sandy can help shift your current beliefs and concepts to convey another purposeful  useful approach to what is happening in your life in the moment
  • She can help you turn your negative dark thoughts to more positive healing thoughts.

Sandy works with her clients one-on-one if you live in the north Texas area or remotely – via phone or Internet.

Call to schedule an appointment 469.873.1978

1 hour session cost $100.00


I had a suicide attempt back in February of 2021, and Sandy has helped me work through learning to forgive myself and she taught me that healing takes time. She’s helped me find the answers within. She always told me “the answers are within” and with Sandy being able to help pull those answers to the surface I have found out a lot about myself and done a lot of soul searching. She is always positive and really truly brings out the good in me. I say with a genuine heart that I wish to be like her someday. Loving, accepting of everyone, GENUINE, and true to what she believes in.

It is a God send that Sandy has been able to counsel me.

From Lauren T. – 18