I Am a Spiritual Life Coach to Myself and Others

Sandy Breuss Eternal Flame Ministry Counseling

Sandy Breuss Shares Her Personal Journey of Spiritual Growth in Detail

As an eager 18-year-old, Sandy Breuss’s spiritual journey began with her work experience by holding several positions in the corporate world. It was fun, thrilling, challenging and a great learning experience. But, years later in the 2000’s, Sandy began to ask questions about her life, her purpose, her reason for being. Sandy wanted more in her life as she looked for greater spiritual meaning. She heard about,asked, and was accepted as an apprenctice with Deborah Singleton at A Healing Place, energy balancing center,  located in Texas. Here she was steeped in learning with practice to recognize personal energy flows thorough the body. A Healing Place taught her how to balance other people’s energy by working with clients who saught energy healing. It was here that she felt a spiritual connection and began to understand her life in a more comprehensive way.

Here Sandy really felt that her life experiences converged with her spiritual journey in detail. She continued to use her spiritual awareness and  healing practice throughout her corporate career until finally, in 2020, after 37 years Sandy retired. Now she takes all of those many years of corpporate work, interpersonal relationship experiences, and personal spiritaul journey into her new counseling venture as a spiritual counselor and coach for Eternal Flame Ministry. If Sandy’s story resonates with you contact her via email or phone.


About Sandy


A regular girl/woman – who embraces her inner child as well as her womanhood.

Great sense of humor and speaks with a captivating southern twang.

Authentic and down to earth real.

Training and Experiences

Lived in the Corporate World for 37 years selling meat and training sales people to do the same.

Apprenticed in energy balancing with Deborah Singleton, Dallas TX

Self-taught, through the school of reality, worldly teachings, my own experiences – failures and successes.


I would like to share my teaching with you so that you may shine so bright in this world for all to see the Glory within YOU!

Let me be a mirror for you to learn and grow, to thrive and not just survive!

Are YOU willing and open to accept this challenge?

If so please reach out to me, I am here for YOU!

Email address – sandy@eternalflameministry.com

“Gratitude is the Attitude, to Shine!” – Sandy Breuss